Marketing Oneself

In business school, we are taught the five Ps of marketing. The five “Ps” were known as the five attributes of a marketing campaign that can be altered to make a product launch or marketing campaign successful. The five “Ps” are as follows; Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and People. These attributes can be used to describe your “market share” in a given space. Your “product” is your knowledge and skillsets that you bring to the arena. This can constantly be improved through lifelong learning. Your “price” is how much value you bring to your organization. Your “promotion” is your ad campaign. What are you doing to broadcast your “product” or your skillsets? Your “place” is commonly referred to as the channels in which you utilize your product. Do only the people in a small town know your accomplishments and understand your talent or is it known throughout? Your “people” refers to the human element that is inherent in the market. Do you know and understand people? Are you respected in your market? These “Five Ps” can change the way you look at the marketing of your own skillsets. With engineers, the hardest part of this marketing equation is “promotion”.

Many engineers do not selfishly promote themselves. As someone that never promoted my own accomplishments before, I can relate. I always thought that people that “tooted their own horn” were arrogant and irrational. This is your career though and many of your colleagues won’t take note of your accomplishments unless you broadcast them. I’m not saying that you should constantly remind your peers of the numerous accomplishments you have achieved, I am simply saying that you should be proud of your accomplishments and not be bashful of letting others know what you are capable of. As with accomplishments, your values should also be visible to others. Your values will be challenged often in your career. It is essential to be able to stick to your values to gain respect from your peers. This is extremely important in not only engineering, but business as well. With the advent of social networking, marketing your own brand and values has never been easier in history. In the following pages, we will discuss ways that you can build your brand that others will identify immediately. Similar to the colorful Google icon, your brand will be sought out for answers if you follow the next steps. See below for a flow chart on the natural progression for building your own personal and professional brand. Now, this is not set in stone. These processes can be done simultaneously and should be. When added together, your marketing reach will multiply.


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