Public Speaking Mind Shift (Quick Read)

As a speaker, it is your duty to convey a message that benefits the audience. Whether this be a wedding toast, award presentation, or a technical seminar. Tony Robbins, a famous life coach and speaker, once told interviewers with Business Insider magazine, “Don’t ever speak publicly about anything that you’re not passionate about and that you don’t actually believe you have something truly unique to deliver,” he says. “Don’t get roped into talking about something that you don’t really have passion for, and don’t get roped into something you don’t have expertise in. Why should somebody listen to you? If you’re going to take somebody’s time, you better deliver.” This should change your perspective about speeches as a whole. Once you see your speech as a chance to deliver valuable information to the audience and shift your mindset outwardly, the speech becomes easier. You are no longer the focus of the speech; the message becomes the focus. This takes a lot of pressure off of you, the speaker.

If you are uncertain on how best to deliver a message to an audience, take some time to watch YouTube videos of certain outstanding presenters such as Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs, Eric Thomas, Jim Rohn, etc.… Watch their physical, non-verbal communication. Pay attention to their delivery, pauses, and voice inflections. Pick one of these speakers as your “speech mentor”. Try your best to emulate your mentor and practice their movements, gestures, and other non-verbal cues.


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