Much to learn you still have…This is just the beginning. A guide to Lifelong Learning.

The title to this chapter came from a scene in “Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones.” Yoda was having one of the most intense battles of his life with his nemeses Count Dooku. If you are not a fan of Star Wars, this is still one of the coolest fight scenes in screenplay history. It’s worth a YouTube. But I digress, at age 874, Yoda still believed that there was much to learn. Talk about lifelong learning! I always enjoyed hearing Yoda’s wisdom and the backwards grammar he used so eloquently. This phrase stuck out to me though. Yoda’s pursuit of wisdom enabled him to survive for hundreds of years (900 to be exact). He must have been doing something right! As Yoda would probably express it, “Learning a lifelong endeavor, you must make.”

As Henry Ford so eloquently stated it, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” To be able to compete in the workforce, you must never stop the pursuit of knowledge. This was not a concept I understood straight out of college. I was naive to think that college had taught me everything I would need to know to excel at my job. Why is it important to continue learning though? What are the benefits to lifelong learning?

Through the art of lifelong learning, you can propel yourself light years ahead of your stagnant peers. You will be able to adapt to change much quicker because you have never stopped the art of learning. By making simple changes in your life, such as adding the habit of going to one seminar a year or reading 10 books a year, you can catapult your career ahead of your peers. Out of all of the lessons in this book, I think this is the most actionable and beneficial for your life. I challenge you to take a step-in learning more in your everyday life, whether that means listening to an audio book in the car on your way to work (instead of that sports radio talk show with outraged fans) or setting aside 15 minutes a day to read non-fiction books. Just these little shifts can produce habits that persist and grow your entire lifetime.


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